April 22, 2014

The bane of exams

work is insane lately. i hardly even have time to go on facebook or study while at work (haha well.... i used to be able to) and how lucky i am, this is my exam week!!?!?! gosh. yep you're right again, im pretty much screwed for this exam. sigh after fifteen years, im still in this cycle. another year and a half till i get out of it.

YES PLEASE but sadly, this doesnt apply to me for this mod because everything is tested. still, whatever i studied, please. SHOW UP. the rest, you can appear again next year. dont bother me now.
still going to put my notes next to my bed the day before exam, i believe in diffusion theory. still going to put on my lucky hoodie and use my lucky ballpoint pen (i hate ballpoint pens but i just have to use them for exam because it's my goodluck pen)

shall try to put together a post on my recent trip to amsterdam-paris-london, and not so recent trip to krabi! i know, krabi was back in july last year.. also, time to restring my guitar (i've been procrastinating for such a long time) im intending to start a little project but nothing is set in stone yet. oh and of course, i need to tidy up my room - too messy as if typhoon just swapt past some time ago. dont get me wrong, normally im a very tidy person. but during exam period, i dont know what happened.


incoherent post.
it's okay. that's just me.

g b
o y
o e

April 19, 2014


“Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.”

April 15, 2014

Midday thoughts,

i have a lot of respect for anyone who is able and willing to pay for their child's higher education. there are many parents who are unable to support their children during their higher education. for myself, i have to work full time and i can barely support myself.. there's just so many things to pay for - entertainment, day to day things, and school. school fees' definitely the biggest burden ever. but i know, i do need that fucking piece of paper, it is going to be worth it. i hope these people realise how lucky they are to have their parents pay for their higher education. dont assume that all parents pay for their kids' education. you dont see it, but it is a fucking big deal. it's a lot of money. i swear i'll work so damn hard so that my kids dont have to worry and suffer in future, not gonna rob my kids off from any opportunities.

April 08, 2014

Visuals: Gaest

 photo 20140403_121631_zps524f57fc.jpg

gæst is a relatively new cafe (directly opposite amoy street food centre), that serves up authentic scandinavian fare - think nordic sandwiches and salad. not gonna lie, i first came across gaest through instagram! im pretty addicted to scrolling through my feed lol (& i follow many foodies) i was so attracted to the lovely colors of their crackling pork sandwich, which was lovely presented too by the way, and told myself i've got to visit this place one day especially since it's just minutes away from where i work.

i was informed that it gets a little packed during lunch, so i popped by slightly before 12noon. we managed to get a seat outdoor. the menu was simple, yet on point. they've got four sandwiches that you can choose from - potato, salmon, chicken and the crackling pork. the crackling pork sandwich was what that caught by eyes first, but i just had to go with the smoked salmon sandwich.. it's my staple food.

 photo 20140403_121646_zps5a3cced0.jpg

homemade sourdough bread w horseradish cream, topped w honey and pickled beetroot, rockets and smoked salmon (as you could tell, such generous portion!) - uber delish. i had a cuppa short white to go along with. my lunch partner that day, A, went with the salad of the day. no fix menu for salad, but well i guess we all like surprises, don't we? i love the dressing, it was delicious. what is also commendable's that the sourdough bread is baked fresh every morning, in house.

we enjoyed our meal very much, such perfect lunch spot for the working people like myself. plus points for another healthy option along cbd! well and i'd definitely try their crackling pork sandwich next time (think crackling pork, orange marinated red cabbage, red apples, mayonnaise and mustard dressing), no excuses. i will be back!

21 mccallum st #01-01
the clift
singapore 069047
facebook page 

+ two more,
 photo 20140329_134506_zps632ff1c3.jpg
banana split // basically w pb (oh never dont ever doubt my love for adam's pb) and granola. trying out a new brand, and i got this one from marks and spencer's. had this for breakfast the other day. been drinking lemon infused water pretty much on a daily basis ever since i came back from +44 (i gained like what, three kgs? hahahaa)

 photo 20140328_192729_zpsee8c2cd0.jpg
when all else fails, eat ramen. go ramen slurping.
ramen never disappoints.

Hold it down,

celebrated and attended cx and wenshit's convocation last week, big day! so proud of these two:
 photo 1403785_10152147006933323_2140722784_o_zpsed072d7e.jpg photo 123450_zps08c1101f.jpg photo 012345_zps232c8bf1.jpg
we might be employed, but life always has a way to take us into new directions and infinite possibilities. embrace what dreams are important to you, and own them. here's to many exciting new futures and all the happiness that comes with it. congratulations again my two absolute favorite girlies x

#throwback to bbq at marcus's! three weeks ago i think. he made some dope asparagus wrapped w spicy bacon! and these guys are so technology savvy (not even kidding at all) we took selfies using marcus's TV! how cool's that.
 photo bbq_zps16ac8340.jpg
 photo 9uygvb_zpsbca3cd62.jpg photo mbcedf_zpsd77e3d53.jpg photo pnvd_zps8af73bf9.jpg photo uytfgh_zps3c425f8d.jpg photo bb2_zps5eb5dd75.jpg photo 87ytghjm_zpsd5f22a3b.jpg photo 87trfghj_zpsdd3bf325.jpg

my uni life for you so far. so what if im studying part time? i meet awesome people too :')

April 07, 2014

LOLA: Tips on surviving long distance relationships

 photo 10157373_493846640719539_2228089053957828860_n_zpsa3957d15.png

This is a guest post for Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA). You can view it by clicking here.

 photo IMG_2873_zpsa830df95.jpg

Long distance relationships have always been tainted by negative beliefs, holding the stigma that they fail more often than they succeed. There are too many challenges to keeping the relationship alive due to travel reasons alone. I’ve never believed in one, and I’ve never thought that i’ll jumped into one until last summer, when my boyfriend of three years had to leave for university, halfway across the world.

Honestly, at first glance, I was absolutely pessimistic about the whole outlook. I began searching online for relatable quotes, and read successful stories of long distance couples. I even wanted to ruin my boyfriend’s opportunity - then i realise it was just really selfish. It’s so hard to imagine there are any perks to being in a long distance relationship if you’re not in one. Then, I thought to myself at one point, “Why not just take this as a challenge? Take it as an opportunity to grow individually and my boyfriend?”

Well, challenge accepted.

More and more people are finding themselves in a long distance relationship, whether by choice or not. It is definitely not easy to sustain, but it has been proven that having a successful long distance relationship is possible. I am still trying, and hopefully at the end of his university education, i can proudly declare that we conquered the distance!

Here are some tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship that I can offer, based on personal experience. Again, I am not an expert nor a relationship consultant. However, these tips might be relevant or at least, they can help deal with some problems of being physically far apart.

1) Communication is the key
One of the most important things you can do to stay emotionally close is to communicate on a daily basis. The internet age has made communication so feasible - gone were the days where you have to pay a huge sum of bills just for talking on the phone. Use internet phone/video services such as skype to keep costs manageable, you’ll be able to talk to and see your partner face-to-face too.

 photo Znbday1_zps0130f0ee.png

With the upsurge of applications such as whatsapp and viber, you can leave messages and reach out to your partner at any time. You dont have to send heartfelt or long text messages (although, it is always heartwarming to receive a loving text message), sharing something interesting that happened to you that day or something that you just need to vent out, will keep you and your partner close even though you’re technically far away from each other.

2) Be honest with yourself and with your partner
Trust is essential in any healthy relationship, regardless of the distance. I think the common worry for all couples is that your partner won’t stay faithful since you’re not together everyday, let alone in a different country. However, if you are going to be controlling, constantly suspicious or let jealousy rule over your judgment, then you are most definitely going to drive your partner away emotionally.

Your partner is bound to spend a lot of time with other people. It may sound like a torture if you are the jealous type - “I can trust my boyfriend or girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean I can trust the people he or she is meeting!” Instead of dwelling on the fact, why not get to know the people your partner is meeting and help put you at ease? Trust, and stay trustworthy.

3) Set appointments

 photo IMG_20140118_212838_zpse39cb0e6.jpg

My boyfriend and I are eight hours apart, in terms to time difference. We still continue to set “lunch/dinner dates” via skype, like how we normally would when we are not physically challenged. We even prepared the same food and compared the end results! It was so much fun. I think it is important to actually see each other, especially when we are all visual creatures. Also, setting appointments gives you and your partner something to look forward to.

4) Focus on Common Interests
The keynote to this point is to keep doing the things that you like to do when you’re together, even when you are apart. This can be anything. Plan or reading a book at the same time, or share your thoughts on a TV drama? Anything.

My boyfriend and I share videos and articles, which we find interesting, to each other regularly - such as movie trailers, since we both enjoy watching movies. Besides giving us something to discuss, we feel connected despite the distance.

5) Plan on visiting

 photo IMG_4820_zps937d78ec.jpg

“The physical aspect matters more than you think.”

Physical affection helps keep a relationship strong. Regular visiting each other is the best way to forget about the distance. This might be easier said than done, given the high cost of visiting. However, going months without seeing each other, being absent from your partner’s special events and day to day life, makes one go desperate especially when you miss the other half so much.

“When you don’t get to see each other in person that frequently, the times that you’re actually with each other will be even more exciting.”

If circumstances allows, make sure that each person takes a turn visiting the other’s city. This way, no one will feel as though they are doing all the traveling, and thus making all the effort in the relationship as quoted by Debra Berndt, the author of the book, "Let Love In."

 photo xmas_zpsb40c73b7.jpg

My boyfriend came back for christmas just three months after his departure. Three months later, I managed to save enough money, and went over to visit him. We made the most of it and even took on a trip to Paris together. It was lovely. I cherish the time spent together more than usual, especially when we only get to be together every once in a while.

 photo IMG_4971_zpsf397cf9f.jpg
Just because both of you far apart, doesn’t mean that all facets of your relationship have to take a hit.

6) Focus on the Positive
Face it. Long distance Relationships are not easy. There will definitely be bumps in the road. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, focus on the good aspects of your relationship, such as having plenty of time for yourself and your friends and the anticipation of being together again as your next visit approaches. Dwell on the good things, you will end up appreciating the one you’re in more.

Like all relationships, there are countless factors that contribute to the success of a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are not easy, and it requires both partners to be equally committed to the relationship. However, for the right person, I believe that the pain of separation is nothing compared to the joy of reunion.

Love conquers all.


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 photo LOLAimage1_zpsc50c4907.png
 photo LOLAImage2_zps62ff63da.png

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here's a short 30sec video to better illustrate how-it-works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqkPh3dFde4 Available on both iPhone & Android.

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April 01, 2014


 photo f33ecfcab67411e3873012e3f01152c6_8_zpsacb8441f.jpg

stupid gek face + chickenwing pose. so i wore a marvel shirt (from primark) to catch my captain the other day! ♡ i cant stop giggling whenever i see a photo of him surfacing on my feed, or whatever. his voice. gosh. im so sick sometimes. well and i came across a few articles, apparently chris evans will be retiring after his marvel contract expires. (please dont) but ohmygod? he finally decided it's time to settle down w me already, meow. hahha im starting to wonder if they are going to get bucky to takeover captain's role! (he signed nine contract) and it's s'posed to be like that in the comic book am i right?? or not.

still my favorite scene from three years ago, 

okay let's get back to work.

March 30, 2014


and if you were to ask me
after all that we've been through
still believe in magic?
yes, i do. of course i do :'(

March 21, 2014

How we gonna stop the time?

both school and work are in full swing right now. and it's not going very well.

it's coming to the end of financial year in the uk, im working for a uk based organisation btw. well good, because i'll be getting my first ever bonus, i mean minus all the chinese new year redpackets from previous odd jobs, it's my first bonus ever from a full time corporate position, even though it's super minimal (and prorated), i'm still thrilled. bad, because i've only just returned from the uk, i was away from work for just two weeks - and god, look at what's accumulated. xxx emails to clear on my first day back at work, and i had classes the whole entire week. dont even think about jet-lagged bullshit.

i dont even want to talk about school... you know. i dont understand anything at lecture, screw you business finance, i knew i was never good at this shit and now im going crazy. i know, it's so stupid for me to complain about school (all of them teenage angst) but really, after a full day at work, sometimes i just want to do nothing. i want to just rest my eyes, my legs, pamper myself sometimes, but i cant. im so completely stressed out at both work and school. people dont understand!! people think my work is super easy, i mean it is pretty much... but i do have lots of stresses too. dealing with big amounts of money, pretend to know things that i dont, liaising with people from events and marketing when it's not even part of my job scope, and imagine people calling every single mintue when you are busy and your colleague and boss are always away, it's not so easy okay. but if i stop working, who pays my god damn school fees?!?!?! oh right, i was talking about school. school especially, makes me really sad. i hate to feel stupid, i mean nobody does. but going to lectures, just makes me feel real dumb. i dont understand anything, i really dont. and i tried, i tried not to skip any lessons.

my friends are helpful though, but im just completely dumb.
"but you will still get A anyways" oh shut up, that was just one fucking module that i did well, that doesnt even mean anything. i dont know if people were trying to make me feel better or what, but i just dont like that. so much going through my head.

why cant we have spring break too?

blasting this one. makes me feel much better.

finally friday tomorrow xx
every friday is a damn good day.

March 20, 2014

Heartbeats accelerating,

terrible video, im no professional and as you can tell, this was just for keepsake purposes. x
paris was lovely, i cant wait to share more about it. i dont know when, hopefully i will. i'd better document all of them down. x

love, love, where can you be? 
are you out there looking for me? 
love, love, where can you be? 
love, i am waiting,
heartbeats accelerating.